Spring Writes: Week 2

And with that, 1,000 ASA panels were born.
And with that, 1,000 ASA panels were born.

Haunted by writing woes? Regular goal-setting and low-grade social accountability are here to help! Also, more Beyoncé stills.

But seriously, I bought Laura Vanderkam’s What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast on Kindle for $2.99 last night, and her advice inspired me to get up a little early this morning to crank out some writing. Historiann has written about the value of continued engagement with her research for making forward progress on a project, and I completely agree. The point of these two together is that for those who have trouble carving out time for that continued engagement, mornings might be your answer. Check out Vanderkam’s work! Claire Potter (aka Tenured Radical) is also making an effort to “write in public” with her current book project, to help demystify the process of producing scholarship. I think we can all sign onto that goal!

Here are your goals for the week:

Carly: Churn out fellowship apps, draft a CFP for the UHA, get as much admin for the semester as I can knocked out so I can devote most of my time going forward to drafting the dissertation.

Meg: Monday: work on dissertation for at least two hours in the morning–should be enough to finish research questions revision. Finish some paid work project stuff and do some class prep for my Saturday course.

Tuesday: teach. Since this is my new class, I’m going to plan to devote most of the day to prep, at least for the first few weeks of the semester, and do paid work with any time leftover in the afternoon.
Wednesday: dissertation. If my research questions are done, start on report.
Thursday: same as Tuesday.
Friday: Work on research report for at least two hours, then prep for Saturday class.
Saturday: teach.
Sunday: off (as much as possible).

Ale: Create outline for said article, especially any areas of law i need to look into or statistics (how many cases under this doctrine succeeded? how many failed? why did they fail?)

Dan: 4 poms Tuesday, and 8 Wednesday—Saturday. As far as deliverables for this week, I’m going to order one mail delivery of a fellowship app tonight, finish another to submit electronically by Friday, and finish first drafts of all of the textbook entries.

Nicole: 1) letter to send with the R and R explaining changes to journal 2) short application for summer $ I desperately 3) I need to form a very detailed outline of my 2nd empirical chapter and dredge up all the applicable raw text I’ve written for this in other doc’s, talks, ppts, etc., to line up with the outline.

Roberta: Research/writing at least 30 minutes a day.

Melanie: Finish up some fellowship apps (which includes edits to my proposal and chapter), revisit my chapter outlines, and write an article abstract.

Sarah: Finish fellowship application #2 (due February 1) and draft a panel proposal for UHA.