New(ish) on Medium: Philadelphia’s Pride Flag Matters

Over at Medium, I published an op-ed that I actually submitted to the Philadelphia Inquirer a year ago, in midst of backlash to their then recently unveiled version of the pride flag, which includes a black and brown stripe. In it, I use some of the research I did for my forthcoming book on African American AIDS activism alongside the Gayborhood’s ongoing problems with racism (and specifically anti-Blackness) to defend the redesign as a long-overdue symbol of the kind of queer community we should be working toward.

In any case, I found it while going through some files, and put it up on Medium. Think Queerly, a publication on the platform, offered to run it for their followers as well. Click through the image below or the link above to read it.

The redesigned Philadelphia 2017 Pride Flag. Source: Philadelphia Magazine

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