Spring Writes: Week 5

Smoking by our writing goals.
Smoking by our writing goals.

Happy President’s Day, y’all!

Weekly goals:


1. Revised my dissertation proposal
2. Submitted a conference abstract
3. Finalized the date for a symposium I’m organizing
5 poms on Dissertation Proposal
4 poms on developing questions for Candidacy exams

3 poms on Russian ethnographers. Booked with meetings and teaching otherwise.

Heavy dissertation revision proposal day
Rough draft of abstract

Keep up with Russian ethnography

Finish DP proposal revision (keep an eye on bulking up language and gender bibliography)
Submit abstract

Sarah: 1 day at NARA; 1 evening at LoC; keep working on finding a UHA discussant (anyone have ideas for people who could comment on a panel about urban disaster management? March 1 is rapidly approaching…); spend some good, focused time reading the chapter comments I just received.

Nicole: Complete empirical Chapter 2.

Melanie: Submit my conference proposal, another grant app, and write all day on Wednesday.

Dan: Same time and scheduling goals as last week. I have two applications to submit, as well as a blog post for another site.


Spring Writes!

Editor capybara says to use less jargon. Photo from this squee-inspiring forum thread.
Editor capybara says to use less jargon. Source: this squee-inspiring thread.

Winter break: it’s great for your sanity (unless you got caught in the Polar Vortex, that is) and maybe even good for a research trip, but probably not so great for your writing schedule. So with that in mind, we’re kicking off another writing group this Monday, January 20th! Between now and then, leave a comment on this post to introduce yourself, tell us your overall goals for the spring, and what you’re going to do during the first week. On Monday, I’ll put up a post with all of our weekly goals. As the week comes to a close, come back and let everyone know how you did, and what you want to accomplish the following week. We’ll repeat that for the following eleven weeks. The point of the group is to keep ourselves accountable to incremental tasks building to our larger goals, so it works best if we post every week.

When you’re setting your goals, be specific and realistic. Instead of saying, “I’m going to write every day,” let us know how long or how much you’re going to write, on which days. Are you going to write two hours each day? Four pages a day? Five pomodoros? Are you shooting for a #graftonline? Keeping Historiann‘s cloister-like schedule? Are you going to read some books or articles? Spend a day in archives? Look for grants and fellowships? Let us know! The more specific you are with your goals, the more you’re likely to get done. And instead of planning to write a trilogy of monographs in twelve weeks, set goals that are challenging but attainable. They don’t even need to be writing goals! Maybe you want to finish up all of the research for your dissertation. Maybe you want to launch a website based on your project. We are here to affirm your choices! Just make sure that your goals are realistic, or you’re likely to get disappointed and burn out.

And that’s it! Simple, right? By the Passover/Tax Day/Easter/Earth Day rolls around, you’ll have accomplished more than you would otherwise, and you’ll have a record of all the work you did during the semester!