Spring Writes: Week 6

"Gorl, how much did you write?"
“Gorl, how much did you write?”

Welcome to Week 6, Spring Writers! As we head into this week, it might be a good time to take stock of our goals for the semester, and what we need to do from here until the end to reach them. And remember, it’s okay to revise your goals!

With that in mind, here are your goals for the week:

Sarah: Round up the last few docs for UHA and send in the application; submit a proposal for an international conference in October; one day at NARA; and spend at least a day processing my recent archival research. Maybe if I’m feeling extra motivated, I might outline chapter 2.

Nicole: 1) Chapter 2. It is moving, but has gotten very long, and is overdue. Needs to get finished now.
2) Out of my hands still for the time being, but once I get my R and R article back, I need to get it to one more person and then send it back to the journal.
3) Need to do my own 2 par description of what I’m doing in the collaborative punishment paper, and assemble this with others they’ll send me into 1 doc.

Melanie: My goals are to finish the last of my fellowship apps, really and truly get this panel proposal submitted, and to do some Serious Writing on Monday afternoon and all day on Wednesday.

Dan: I need to take into account that I’ll be traveling Wednesday and Thursday, so I’m not going to set a writing goal for myself those days. For Friday and Saturday, I’m going to get four poms each day.


I will:
– Get my JAB conference paper drafted and turned in
– Send a final grant request
– Register for painting class
– Final CENFAD tasks/emails
– Send comments for writer in diss colloq class/attend

I may:
– Submit one or more cfps that have been hanging around on my list

Meg: Main goal for the week: complete and send off research report to one of my dissertation research partners (hopefully this report will serve as the starting point for one of my empirical chapters). To do this, I need to keep the following schedule:
Monday: Write from 8am to noon
Wednesday: Write from 8am to noon
Friday: Devote all day to finishing it up and sending it off.

Bunny: Post to three threaded discussion questions (initial and response), post three papers, tweak a PowerPoint presentation for a briefing to the commanders on Wednesday, and complete four reports for work!