A Valentine’s confection.

Sometimes my feelings are best expressed with an SAT-style analogy.

Kimbra:New Zealand::Yelle:France

This blog is so quickly becoming just me talking about music videos.  Also, my mom worked at a Mexican restaurant in the early 90s and that dress pretty much looks like a brighter version of what all the waitresses there had to wear.

Friday New Video Action

Two new videos making the rounds today, and both feature M.I.A.!

1. M.I.A., “Bad Girls”

The similarities between this video and the nine-minute short that accompanied “Born Free,” the first track leaked from M.I.A.’s last album, // / Y /, start and end with the fact that both were directed by Romain Gavras.  As a single, “Bad Girls” seems to signal a return to the lady emcee’s infectious world music hooks and globalized mash-up of cultural references after her album-length experiment with electronoise.  As a video, “Bad Girls” looks much closer to something like Béyonce’s “Who Run the World (Girls)” than the Logan’s-Run-cum-ginger-genocide that was “Born Free.”  Does this mean she’s going back to the formula that made her crazy successful?  We’ll see.

2. Madonna, “All Your Luvin'”

Madonna’s showing an ability to laugh at herself that isn’t always apparent, but she’s clearly in charge here.  Although she’s said that she wanted Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. in on this project because she’s a big fan of their independence and spirit, they’re clearly there as accessories–there’s no question as to who has the spotlight.  That being said, on this track and in this video, Madge sounds and looks… well, a little bored?

That’s all I have for now, kids.  I’ve been insanely busy lately with the beginning of the semester and a bunch of fellowship application deadlines, but hopefully things will normalize a bit soon.  Ciao for now.

F*** me if this is not the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.

A cool dad and his adorable progeny cover one of my favorite songs in awesome DIY style:

I can’t embed the original (well, I could, but it wouldn’t play and you’d have to go to YouTube anyway), so here it is.  And while we’re at it, here’s a link to an A.V. Club piece that discusses the influences behind “Everything Counts” and locates the song as a crucial turning point in Depeche Mode’s career.

I’ll write something more substantive soon, I promise.  I started to draft a post on my iPhone the other day while I was riding the subway, but then I accidentally deleted it.  Oops.  But really–soon.

Saturday Fun-Time Round-Up

1. My friend Ben’s December mix, You + Me, over at weiwabo, my friend Mon’s super-hip craft blog.  One of the tracks is a chillgaze* cover of The Hives’ “Hate to Say I Told You So,” and the whole thing makes for great writing music.  By the by, Mon is totally awesome and donated to Bike & Build to support my ride from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale over the Christmas/New Year interlude!  So go check her out, and listen to the mix!

She's crafty!

2. New video from Yelle for “Comme un enfant”:

Here’s the breakdown:



photo credit: examiner.com


photo credit: deispot.wordpress.com

3. The Ronna & Beverly podcast, one of the few that I listen to religiously, and quite possibly the most consistently funny podcasts out there.  Jessica Chaffin and Jaime Denbo play middle-aged Jewish BFFs Ronna Glickman and Beverly Ginsburg, who host a podcast from Ronna’s immaculate living room in the Boston suburbs.  Although Chaffin and Denbo have been doing these characters at Upright Citizens Brigade for a few years and filmed a pilot for Showtime that was aired but never picked up, I first encountered them as guests on episode four of Julie Klausner’s also-hilarious How Was Your Week?, where the ladies discussed their favorite Holocaust films of all time.  Among the entries on Beverly’s list: Kramer vs. Kramer.

photo credit: blogs.wsj.com

4. Speaking of Julie Klausner, I missed the live version of How Was Your Week? because I was at a conference in St. Louis, but a recording of that performance (including the aforementioned Jessica Chaffin as Lorraine Bracco) aired a few weeks ago as episode 36 of the podcast.  I listened to it in and around New York City on the day that I went to do research at the Schomburg Center only to find it closed because of Veteran’s Day.  (that was fun) Julie and Billy Eichner discuss casting for the upcoming all-black remake of Steel Magnolias brightened my mood, to the point that I had to listen in installments, because my frantic giggling was distracting to the other patrons at whatever coffee shop in Brooklyn I decided to make into my office for the afternoon.  So that was fun.

Julie and Billy, who may or may not be my pretend husband. photo credit: huffingtonpost.com

Bonus: The trailer for Billy Eichner’s show, Billy on the Street, which is set to premiere December 22 on Fuse, the network that brought you the professional career of William Hung…

…and the show Pants Off Dance Off, which inspired numerous house parties and a whole lot of pictures that are inappropriate to post here.

And that’s it.  Have a good weekend, people!

*I just made that up.  You’re welcome.

UPDATE: Never mind, “chillgaze” is actually a thing, which is just silly.

Thursday listenings.

Yeah, so I took like a month and a half off from blogging.  Deal with it, people–I’m a busy man.  So here’s some stuff I’ve been listening to:

1. How Was Your Week? with Julie Klausner


This lady wears many hats–author, podcaster, comedienne, actress, feminist–and all of them are hysterical.  If you listen to this in public, you will laugh out loud and people will give you strange looks.  You won’t care because you’ll be laughing.  Hard.  Be sure to check out the episode in which she interviews Neko Case.

2. “Never Will Be Mine”–Rye Rye + Robyn

Seriously, what’s going on with Rye Rye?  When M.I.A. signed her and “Bang” came out, it sounded like she might be poised to become the next hot lady emcee, but not much has happened since.  Hopefully this track (in which she samples Robyn’s “Be Mine”) is a good portent of things to come.

3. Tuesday Night Music Club–Sheryl Crow

Love this, y'all.

When I was 11 or 12, this was in heavy rotation on weekends at my dad’s house, but for some reason my familiarity did not yield contempt.  I cannot say the same for Bob Marley’s Legend.

Thursday Jams

Photo from Sound Logik.

I’m streaming Yelle’s new album, Safari Disco Club, from Hype Machine, and so far it lives up to its title.  In fact, I like it so much that I went ahead and pre-ordered it on iTunes (it comes out on Tuesday).  Her video for “A Cause de Garcons” is one of my favorites from the past five years, and I’ve watched it many times wishing I could dance like that:

On the other hand, those haircuts are NOT the business.  In other news, happy birthday to me!  I think I’m officially in my late twenties now, and tonight I’ll be congratulating myself on another year of life by drinking good beer and eating delicious cake.  Awesome.