Ye Olde Royle Recipe Redux

You want what we're throwing down.

I’ve been spending the beginning of my spring break in San Francisco.  I flew in Friday night after teaching in the afternoon, got up early yesterday for a race, went out dancing last night, and met my friends Matt and April for lunch at Pizzeria Delfina today.  Afterward I found myself wandering around the Mission District, wondering what to make for dinner.  I wandered into the fortuitously named Casa Thai Market looking for some fresh produce since flying on Friday and racing yesterday morning left my stomach feeling… less than fresh.  The vegetable section was a little uninspiring, but when I saw the rows of red and green cabbage, a little brassicaceous light bulb went off above my head.

I got back to the Thai compound (home to Jenny, Mon, My Le, and Kathleen) and dug around in their pantry.  I wanted to make salade de deux choux, but they didn’t have any dried coconut or pecans, and I didn’t feel like going back out to the store.  However, I rustled up a can of coconut milk, some spicy mustard, roasted almonds I had bought for snacking, a bag of shallots, some honey, and a lemon.  I shredded the cabbage, minced a couple shallots, and whisked together a dressing using two parts coconut milk to one part mustard, the juice of the lemon, a dab of honey, and some salt and pepper.  I poured the whole thing over the bowl of cabbage, and added the chopped nuts.  Boom–my very own recipe redux. (I’m still mourning the end of Amanda Hesser’s column)

Jenny and Mon whipped together some stir-fried noodles…

Cabbage squared.

…and to drink I made bloody monkeys, i.e. fresh-squeezed blood orange juice mixed with a light beer:

The best drinks are drunk out of a boot.

Call it my take on a classic:

As an added bonus, I fried some plantains and cooked up a pot of kettle corn.  Pictures of these things do not exist because they didn’t last long enough to be caught on film.

Fresh food, friends, and fried things: life does not get better than this.