Week 5 Wrap Up

This week, Sinead O’Connor wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus. How about you?

Meanwhile, the US government is still shut down, but our work continues apace! Let us know in the comments how you did this week, and what you plan to do in the week to come. And, as always, happy writing!

Fall Writes: Week 5

The government may be shutting down (1. Does that make us a failed state? 2. As someone commented on Facebook, it’s a great day for 90s nostalgia) but that doesn’t mean we’re not still working! Let us know your goals for the week in the comments below if you haven’t done so already! And speaking of 90s nostalgia, the same day that the government shut down in November 1995, Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men released “One Sweet Day”:

Weekly goals:

Mike: Turn in and complete snailmail grant by 4:00pm on Tuesday (or later via Fedex), write a ‘synthesis’ paper by Sunday at 12:00.

Dan: Eight poms of work Monday-Thursday + Saturday, including two poms of Rosetta Stone.

Melanie: Revise research statement, chapter outlines, completed chapter, do newspaper research.

Carly: Pull together CENFAD conference, devote time to grant and conference paper.