Fall Writes: Belated Week 4 Post

New, detailed map of the ocean floor. Image from Quartz.
New, detailed map of the ocean floor. Image from Quartz.

Hi everyone! Last week was crazy full of job and postdoc applications, and I completely forgot to put up a post on Monday! Add your goals to the comments section here, and I’ll get a new post up tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Fall Writes: Belated Week 4 Post

  1. Hi.
    Last week’s goals and the status of each (for R and R)
    1) Identify and cut irrelevant points. –> Lots of tightening / cutting of irrelevant info has happened, a bit more to do with one last part of the results. It has helped to work from the paper printout rather than the document.
    2) Stick to the reserved library slots –>? Worked 2/3 of the time, but then I got sick.
    3) Figure out a couple key things about my argument –> Still working out how to use the data to hammer home even more clearly the big processes and ideas. Getting really close.

    Goal for coming week:
    1) (for R and R) Finish this revision and get the finished draft to my personal editor — goal is next Friday 10/10
    2) (For R and R) Build memo once I can get the revised draft done.
    3) Finish redoing gender/religion paper abstract and get that out.

  2. Hello!
    Re: last week’s goal, I think I made good progress on the probation chapter, but lost steam toward the end of the week. I did, however, make huge improvements on focusing during my writing time. This week’s challenge will be balancing the writing I need to do with a time-sensitive writing project I have for work. Goals for this week:
    1. Continue on with probation chapter. Mon. and Tues.: fine-tune my detailed outline/data excerpts and finish eliminating the unnecessary excerpts for a more focused argument; Weds.-Fri. continue writing and refining, working in parole chapter too as necessary.
    2. Revisit institutional circuits chapter as my argument develops.
    3. Put together 30-min. teaching demo in advance of practice session next Sunday(!!!).

  3. Hi!
    Reporting on last week’s goals, I didn’t do so well. I only stuck to one of my three scheduled writing times. For this week, I’ve scheduled 4 2-hour writing slots (5-7 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday). Goals for the week:
    1. I need to decide what to cut from my dissertation chapter in turning it into an article on formerly incarcerated women’s processes of achieving “rehabilitated femininity.” Currently, I discuss five key areas, which I think is too much for an article. I need to figure out if I have enough data to focus on just one or two areas.
    2. I need to figure out what literature, specifically, I’m in conversation with. This will require reviewing articles I’ve read and identifying new ones.

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