Summer Writes: Week 12

Section from A Christmas Carol written in Gregg shorthand. Source: Wikimedia.
Section from A Christmas Carol written in Gregg shorthand. Source: Wikimedia.

Time runs short here at Summer Writes, but give yourselves a hand for your hard work! Since this is our last week, think back to your goals for the summer, and think about what you can do in the next week to achieve them, or at least to get reasonably close to doing so. I hope you all feel like you got something out of setting goals each week, and congrats to Dr. Nicole!

Happy writing, and check back here in a few weeks for the beginning of Fall Writes!

Weekly Goals:

Nicole: Submitted her dissertation! Congratulations!

Dan: Begin revising article, firm up fellowship letter to send to The Professor Is In, schedule readings for U.S. history courses. One 50′ pom in the morning before archives, two in the evening.


4 thoughts on “Summer Writes: Week 12

  1. Hi all, I am really pleased with all the progress I’ve made this summer, thanks in no small way to the support/peer pressure I had through this group.

    I met all of my writing goals for this summer. I wrote decent first drafts of two of the empirical chapters for my dissertation. This week, I’ve started revisions of those two chapters, and I’m also making big progress on the intro/lit review chapter, which I realized I needed to draft soon in order to be able to wrap my head around how everything fits together. I also finalized my job documents and have started applying for academic jobs.

    My big challenge between now and whenever Fall Writes starts up is to keep plugging away at the dissertation and not get too wrapped up in/freaked out by the job market. The opportunities for obsession and panic abound, and I need to stay focused.

    MW OUT!

  2. Hi. My research/writing goals for this coming week (in addition to teaching-related):
    1) Reread reviews for minor R & R
    2) Itemize ID’d issues and rank do-able, important, off point, un-doable
    3) Pull out pertinent information that was in different places of the whole diss. to respond to those itemized issues
    4) Write out what I do and don’t know, and where to get the stuff I do know, and where to try looking for stuff I don’t, for the remaining issues
    5) Finish NSF final report
    6) Finish NSF accessible report

  3. Not sure what weeks I missed in terms of posting but….I continue to work in 50 minute blocks of time. Wrapping up the research gap I discovered in attempting to write chapter two. Goal is to use the 6 weeks of research to outline chapter two before starting to teach on the 25th. Even though I got a bit sloppy about posting to this blog as the summer progressed, its existence helped keep me focused. I’ve had the most productive 12 weeks I’ve had since becoming ABD. Thank you!

  4. Hi all,
    I am going to post even though we are out of session. Here are some writing things that need to happen this week, despite the start of classes:
    1) Complete NSF report
    a) the one just to NSF
    b) the one for the public (much shorter)

    2) Resume working on R and R
    a) organize/ itemize reviewer points
    b) sort the ones that are discountable and make notes on why (early memo)
    c) write out what i have on the main issues that need to be addressed
    d) note where that info is (chapter, file, binder, etc.)

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