Spring Writes: Week 11

Your writing destiny: fulfilled.
Your writing destiny: fulfilled.

We’re in the home stretch, Spring Writers! This is the week to buckle down to meet your writing goals for the twelve weeks, so set your goals accordingly! And if you’re short on time, think about keeping your writing short, as Danny Heitman recommends in this Opinionator post. (jk-writing succinctly takes a lot of work!)

Weekly Goals:

Meg: I have a deadline of April 28th to finish this paper for a bigger conference. So, I’d like to do that this week. Desired work schedule toward this goal: Monday 11-2pm
Weds. 8am to 1pm
Friday 8am to 1pm
Secondary goal: continue piecing together a book chapter I have due at the end of May. Any time I have left over needs to go toward that.

Nicole: This week’s task is to get the religion chapter into shape from its half-written status; also I need to read about evangelical familialism and at least one other book I don’t want to get too lost in that.

Melanie: Write up outlines.

Dan: Write from 6 to 9:15 (six pomodoros) on Tuesday, 1 to 5:15 (eight pomodoros) on Wednesday, and 1 to 5:15 (eight pomodoros) on Thursday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I’ll be in Paris because I’m running the Paris Marathon on Sunday! Those pomodoros will include work on three job applications, a blog post, work on a book proposal, and revisiting a dissertation chapter to turn it into a journal article.


3 thoughts on “Spring Writes: Week 11

  1. Hi. It is Sunday, times to post the new goals. My big goal this week is to finish the religion chapter, tightening connections across the lit review sections into the results section. There are some hard decisions I need to make about whether to write another empirical chapter or move to the supporting chapters. In any case, my goal is to move on to the next thing this week too (probably methods and intro). Defense is still being scheduled but it could be pretty soon so I need to wrap up/ do intro, conclusion and methods chapters that are outlined.

  2. This week’s goal is to make big headway on a book chapter that is due May 31st on ethnographic fieldwork and prisoner reentry activism. (I must set aside the other stuff as my advisor won’t be able to weigh in on that until next week at the earliest). So far I have a detailed outline of this chapter. Mini-goals for this week:
    Monday (today): finish drafting one section (how I entered into the research setting) and re-read a few key articles that will spur my thinking about the other sections.
    Wednesday: read through analyses of my field notes and start mapping out my data sections.
    Friday: start piecing together a brief lit review on others’ approaches to fieldwork on reentry, institutional barriers to reentry, etc.

  3. I did pretty well re my goals this week, just about hitting my work targets. However, a lot of that time was spent on job stuff, and not on getting the book proposal together. Sadly, I think this week is going to be a similar situation. However, the good news is that since the marathon is done, I’m going to have a lot more free time! So on Tuesday I’m going to come home and do eight poms from 3 to 730, and then do eight poms each Wednesday through Saturday, working 1 to 530. I like the idea of writing at the same time every day when I can, to reinforce that it’s a real habit. I think I’ll probably end up doing work on top of those goals, however. This week is going to be all about getting ready for a big job-related thing next week. I also have one other job application to submit. When we set out to do the writing group eleven weeks ago, I honestly thought I would have the job situation squared away by now, and that’s affected my ability to meet my longer goals. But I’ll be able to recoup those during the summer when we do this all over again! Yeah!

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