Spring Writes: Week 9

Let's celebrate your writing successes at Coney Island.
Let’s celebrate your writing successes at Coney Island.

Week 9 is upon us, which means we’re barreling into the homestretch like so many roller coaster cars! Without further ado, here are your writing goals for the week:

Weekly goals:

Nicole: For the week of Sun 3/16- Sat 3/22: I want to finish or get as far as possible toward finishing chapter 3 on gender. It is partly written and the tables are done but everything needs to be tweaked, reordered, etc. Definitely I don’t need as many examples as I have, and the ones I do have I need to sink deeper into with more detail.

Dan: For this week, two applications to be submitted online and one by snail mail, which I’m trying to get out by Friday to avoid astronomical Interfolio prices. Monday I’m going to squeeze in six poms in the evening, from 5 to 830. I’ll even put it in my iCal as an inducement to stick to that schedule, and I’ll do the same thing Tuesday. All this is so that I don’t leave too much work for myself on the plane, because I find that to be really difficult. I have some things that I want to read for later in the week, so I’ll download those to my iPad for the plane, but I want to avoid writing in the air, if at all possible. Alternately, I may also edit some oral history transcripts on the plane. For Thursday I’ll set a modest goal of four poms throughout the day, because my schedule will be a little hectic, and Friday I don’t plan to do any work, aside from maybe some casual reading. Saturday I plan to do some quality brunching, work (maybe oral history editing) on the train to Philly, and then many poms of eating Santucci’s with some of y’all for my 30th birthday!


4 thoughts on “Spring Writes: Week 9

  1. Hi– My goal for this week is to actually make empirical Ch. 3 of my diss. coherent. I had to redo some of the analysis. I am still trying to make it clear and logically follow the last one better. Also, getting from concepts to measures has to be clearer. Separate goal: do the writing for my joint paper, writing up what we laid out in our meeting.


    I am back after a rough week of travel and no time to set or work on personal (dissertation) goals. I am reaching the point in the semester in which it feels like time is not my own (I think this was echoed by Melanie and others), as I constantly get sidetracked by student issues and unexpected tasks for the other projects I work on.

    My main aim for this week is to firm up some analysis I’ve been working on for what will eventually be a diss. chapter. I’m presenting this analysis at a grad. student conference on Friday. To do this, I want to commit to myself to work on my stuff tomorrow (Monday) from 11am to 3pm, Wednesday from noon to 4pm, and Friday morning before the conference.

  3. Happy Birthday Dan! I think I have to say that I am not able to really engage with the writing group until the summer. I just don’t have enough to show in terms of results and my schedule isn’t allowing me to make meaningful progress every day. If you are running a similar group starting the first week of May through August, I’m happy to recommit. This summer will be dissertation marathon as I am feeling serious pressure to get done.

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