Spring Writes: Week 1

Writing Club: Beyoncé Edition
Writing Club: Beyoncé Edition

Welcome to the first week of Spring Writes! Pretty hurts; writing also hurts. Let’s make it less painful by setting incremental, manageable goals and keeping each other accountable! Okay! Here are your goals for the week:

Nicole: Finish revising a “revise and resubmit” paper. To get there, I have to gather info for the 3rd of 3 major topics ID’d by the reviewers as wanting (direct quotes/ data use issues). Info-gathering for the 1st of 3 (lit review / contribution issues) is done and the 2nd of 3 (policy info) is 98% done. I have to make the changes in the article itself for all three areas without losing the main point and clarity.

Sarah: Finish current chapter and send off one fellowship application by January 27.

Carly: Application grants, art stuff.

Dan: Monday is going to be a full teaching day, so I’m not setting a writing goal for that day. Tuesday is much better, so I’m going to set a writing goal of four pomodoros. Wednesday through Saturday, I’m going to set a writing goal of eight poms/day. Sunday I will do any class prep that I still need to do for the rest of the week, but I want it to be mostly a leisure day.

Meg: 8 hours of writing/day to finish journal article.

Ale: 1. finish this (*&*&^&*((*& complaint in one case I have

2. outline the idea for the law review article – right now I plan to write about Caremark issues in light of the financial crisis of 2008 and the lack of director culpability as seen through the lens of Delaware law.

3. reach out to law professors of mine who expressed interest in helping me get published (i’m five years out).


7 thoughts on “Spring Writes: Week 1

  1. After a week of very, very long hours, the chapter is drafted but not polished. The fellowship application #1 is just about done – I think I’ll be able to send it off by the end of the day tomorrow.

    Goals for this coming week: finish fellowship application #2 (due February 1) and draft a panel proposal for UHA.

  2. late to this because of first week of classes insanity… finish up some fellowship apps (which includes edits to my proposal and chapter ), revisit my chapter outlines, and write an article abstract. as I am also teaching two writing and research seminars for undergrads and working at the writing center this semester, I am looking forward to a very writing oriented semester!

  3. After a crazy couple of weeks with the semester starting and MLK Week behind me, my goal is to get on track. I must tackle research/writing at least 30 minutes a day. I must carve out time for my own work on a daily rather than sporadic basis. Just me actually taking Dan up on his offer to join the writing group is a positive move I’ve been too intimidated to do in the past. So, good for me! I’ll get more specific with the goals once I see if I can meet this one. 🙂

  4. Hi. I am thrilled I met my goal last week and got my article off to an editor to help shave off words to meet the word limit (this was a revised deadline– it didn’t happen a few wks. ago!). This week the first things I need to write are: 1) letter to send with the R and R explaining changes to journal, and 2) short application for summer $ I desperately need (every word counts because there are character limits–oy). I would love to get this R and R out ASAP but it may not happen until I get it back and pass it by one other person. Also this week 3) I need to form a very detailed outline of my 2nd empirical chapter and dredge up all the applicable raw text I’ve written for this in other doc’s, talks, ppts, etc., to line up with the outline. I have to figure out how much analysis I have to do on this chapter or how much I have done already in all the muck.

  5. Was not super great on my time goals this week—I did 5 poms on Tuesday, 8 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday, 7 on Friday, and 5 on Saturday. I also broke my restful Sunday resolution by working on a fellowship application that I forgot needed to be mailed, which meant pushing up the completion deadline to today. Thursday was a big cluster-eff because I had a Skype interview (won’t say with whom) that I forgot to budget for, and a small e-mail kerfuffle in the late afternoon. I also had to go to bed early that night to get up early Friday and catch a train to Paris because I lost my passport and had to make a special trip to the American embassy. I was actually pretty proud of myself for getting as much work done that day as I did, just while kicking around Paris. I’ve been doing better about sticking to pomodoro breaks, and I want to keep improving on that. I also want to work on not letting stupid things (like kerfuffles e-mail) distract me. So I’m going to keep those two things in mind this week, keeping my old time goals of 4 poms Tuesday, and 8 Wednesday—Saturday. As far as deliverables for this week, I’m going to order one mail delivery of a fellowship app tonight, finish another to submit electronically by Friday, and finish first drafts of all of the textbook entries I’m working on, meaning I have about 3.5 to finish. I’ll also be posting my daily wordcounts in the #GraftonLine Facebook group.

  6. I did finish the complaint, yay! have a few legal writing bits due for work today, but think I’ll have time to do some more work on the legal article.
    On further thought, I want to get the outline and pitch done before i reach out to my former professors. I have a pretty good sense of what I want to argue, but I need to do some more research into the current state of the law. So, this week:
    1. Create outline for said article, especially any areas of law i need to look into or statistics (how many cases under this doctrine succeeded? how many failed? why did they fail?)
    Given that I appear to have come down with the flu, I’m going to be a bit gentle with myself this week. Prioritize sleep, and do my thinking on the outline on the bus.

  7. I finished my journal article and submitted it on Friday night. I also finished both syllabi in advance of classes starting this week. My writing goals this week are to finish my research questions revision project (the one holdover task I didn’t finish from last week) and start writing a report on one segment of my research for one of my research participants. This report (due March 1) will then turn into one of my dissertation chapters. Since this week is the first of the semester, I want to get off on the right foot, scheduling-priority wise. My most productive writing hours are first thing in the morning, so I need to make getting up, getting caffeinated, and getting straight to work on my stuff a priority over things like answering student/work emails.
    Monday: work on dissertation for at least two hours in the morning–should be enough to finish research questions revision. Finish some paid work project stuff and do some class prep for my Saturday course.
    Tuesday: teach. Since this is my new class, I’m going to plan to devote most of the day to prep, at least for the first few weeks of the semester, and do paid work with any time leftover in the afternoon.
    Wednesday: dissertation. If my research questions are done, start on report.
    Thursday: same as Tuesday.
    Friday: Work on research report for at least two hours, then prep for Saturday class.
    Saturday: teach.
    Sunday: off (as much as possible).

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