Fall Writes: Week 6

Welcome to week six–we’re almost to the halfway mark, which is both thrilling and terrifying! For writing inspiration this week, I submit to you a post from The Academic Ladder Blog on thinking of yourself as a creative writer. The post has some tips on how to improve your writing (i.e., the readability of your writing) by thinking of yourself as a creative writer. However, I think the point comes through strongly that it’s also important to remember that writing is work, and to treat it as such. Sometimes I talk to people (and I really used to be one) who think of writing as something that one can only do when inspired by the gods of academic prose. A chacun son goût, as they say here in France, but that mindset has led me toward more 11th-hour bull$h1tt1ng than incisive, cogent analysis. However, I know some very successful people who wait until they have an entire journal article mapped out in their head, and then sit down and write the whole thing at a stretch. What about you guys? Let us know in the comments.

Also in the comments–leave your goals for the week if you haven’t done that already! And happy writing!

Weekly goals:

Claire: Turn pages into chapters!

Dan: Eight poms a day, Monday through Thursday.

Mike: Make good progress on SRAS paper, reading lists, and dissertation proposals.


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