Fall Writes: Week 4

Week 4 already? How the time flies! If you haven’t told us your goals for the week, do so in the comments below. And if any of you have friends working on major research and writing projects who would benefit from the group, feel free to invite them! Anyone can jump in at any time, just by introducing themselves and letting us know what they’d like to accomplish (all in the comments section, of course).

Hope you’re all feeling very accomplished, and if you’re looking for a small diversion, check out Mental Floss’ list of 13 little known punctuation marks. And as you’re writing this week, eschew the doubt points in favor of certitude points. (And how has the irony point not caught on among historians? h/t Hayden White)

Weekly goals:

Meg: 4 pomodoros on chapter 1 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday; start mapping out a timeline for completion to share with advisor.

Dan: 2 pom of Rosetta Stone MTW, 2 pom of course prep M and 4 on W, 8 pom of diss work M, 12 T, and 8 WThSa.

Mike: Write Russian synopsis for ACTR (3 pomodoros) and fill out application (2 pomodoros). Make progress on paper for SRAS–two pomodoros on Tuesday, to clean up draft and figure out additions. Depending on timing of comments, 3 poms on grant on Wednesday, 2 on Tuesday and 5 on Friday, aiming for a revision by the end of the week.

Brenna: A few hours of writing and revising Tuesday, three Wednesday, and four hours in the archive on Thursday.

Melanie: Read CHAT comments, start revision of chapter 1, send emails to people about UHA panel, more work on research statement and chapter outlines.


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