Week 3 Wrap Up

Eiffel Tower at night.
Eiffel Tower at night.

Sorry for the lateness of this post! I was battling a stomach bug in Paris, which was exactly as glamorous as it sounds. We’ve reached the end of Week 3–how did you do with your goals? What are you going to do in the week to come? Let us know in the comments, and check out Walter Benjamin’s thirteen theses on writing. (h/t to Brenna)


5 thoughts on “Week 3 Wrap Up

  1. Hi guys, I did not get much writing done last week because of teaching and work obligations. Also, I decided to be gentle on myself as a reward for some good news I got: I am the proud and grateful recipient of a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Institute of Justice for the upcoming year. I will still teach a class a semester to keep up my instructor chops, but this funding means that I’ll be able to devote 2014 almost to exclusively to writing my dissertation. I am appreciative of this and future writing groups to keep me on track!

    Goals for this week: 4 pomodoros on chapter 1 on Tuesday, Weds., and Friday; start mapping out a timeline for completion to share with my advisor.

  2. I didn’t make my goal for last week, which was just to finish a full edited draft of my dissertation to submit to my advisor. Since I got to France, I’ve had a hard time maintaining the momentum I had at the end of August with meeting my dissertation checkpoints, so I think I’m going to take some of my own advice and be more detailed this week about my work plan and goals. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I’m going to do an hour (two pom) of Rosetta Stone in the morning when I get up, because as it turns out, living and working in a country where you don’t speak the language is really stressful. So there’s that. Monday I’m going to devote an hour (two pom) to course prep, and do two hours (four pom) on Wednesday. Monday I’m going to do an additional eight pom of work on the dissertation draft, and Tuesday I’m going to aim for twelve pom of dissertation work. Wednesday I would like to do an additional eight pom of dissertation and fellowship/job applications work, because there are a bunch that need to be postmarked October 1. Thursday I’ll do eight pom in the afternoon when I’m done teaching, and Friday I’m leaving open to wrap up anything I need to do for applications, after I get done with a long teaching day. Saturday I’ll go for either a long run or a ride, and do another eight pom.

  3. On Thursday I decided to knock out the ACTR draft and after 12 pomodoros I was able to do just that! I’m not particularly happy with the first draft, but I think that’s the way drafts go. I am hoping for some feedback from my advisors on the grant by the beginning of this week and so if I get them in time (i.e. tomorrow or Tuesday) then I would like to ‘try’ and get a draft of it completed by the end of the week.
    Since there are other components to the application I can work on those in the meantime. Tomorrow I am going to write the Russian synopsis tomorrow (3 pomidoros) and also fill out the application (2 pomodoros) itself.

    The other task for the week is to make some good progress on my paper for SRAS (which is more or less a mini dissertation proposal) so I would like to devote two pomodoros on Tuesday to this and use that time to clean up a mostly complete draft and figure out where I need to add to it.

    *If I get my comments soon, then I will complete 3 poms on the grant on Wednesday, 2 on Tuesday and 5 on Friday. Hopefully that will be enough to have a revision by the end of the week!!

  4. I got a lot of writing done last week towards completing chapter 4, so I guess I could say that I met my goal of writing an EXTREMELY rough draft, but by EXTREMELY, I mean that little of it is really usable. My goal this week, therefore, is to keep plugging away at this darn thing that I thought would be done in August. I don’t expect to get a fully revised draft done this week because I have several additional commitments that include running a graduate conference and attending a full weekend of wedding festivities for a close friend. Right now actually (Tuesday morning) is usually my most productive writing time of the week so I’m going to try to cram in a couple really solid hours of writing/revising before I need to head to the Writing Center for the rest of the day. I’ll also have some solid time to dedicate to writing on Wednesday, so my goal is to carve out at least 3 productive hours there. If I plan my day right, I can probably get 4 hours in the archive on Thursday, and then the rest of my week is booked.

    I’m really missing summer when I had time to dedicate to my writing, but in more positive news, I finally have something to show for the work I put in on many other writing tasks during the summer – my Boathouse Row encyclopedia article is finally up at the Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia! Boom – http://philadelphiaencyclopedia.org/archive/boathouse-row/

  5. I did indeed handle CHAT like a boss- but now I’m figuring out what to do with all of that feedback. I’ve mostly been channeling that into refining my research statement, doing some document indexing, and doing some freewriting with a cultural methodology that may or may not become an article. After receiving a copy of an anthology I contributed to five year years ago in the mail this week, I understand the “rush” of publishing and I suddenly want to be really prolific in a way I never did before. Not that there’s a whole lot I have time to do this week.

    So, goals- read CHAT comments, start revision of chapter 1, send emails to people about UHA panel I’m organizing, more work on research statement and chapter outlines.

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