Week 2 Wrap Up

Two weeks down! For some of us (i.e. me) this week was the first week of instruction for the fall. So if you survived, congratulations!

Aside from surviving, how did you do re your goals for the week? What are you going to tackle in the week to come? Let us know in the comments!

And since this week marks the fifth anniversary of the death of David Foster Wallace, one of my very favorite writers, here’s Salon‘s list of five DFW quotes “on life and other things.” It’s probably not a good idea as a historian to idolize a maximalist who famously included a hundred pages of endnotes (some of which have footnotes!) in his magnum opus, but I guess that’s why they made post-tenure projects.

Happy writing!


3 thoughts on “Week 2 Wrap Up

  1. Moved the paper up to about 12 pages and completed 16 pomodoros.
    For the next week I am going to shift gears and hope to get a workable draft of an ACTR grant written! I’ll have a wedding to go to this weekend, so I’m not entirely optimistic that I’ll be able to complete this, but I will certainly do my best!!!

  2. I made some decent progress last week. I finished the writing sample (which actually resulted in some really productive revisions of Ch 2), did some solid archive work, and began to tackle the revisions of what I already had on paper for Ch. 4. I hoped that I would actually get some new writing done, but some unexpected stressors and a realization that the chapter isn’t about what I thought meant that I did some reverse-outline/diagram-tastic/pre-writing instead.

    With a new plan for Ch. 4 now a bit clearer, my goal for week three is to get a very rough draft of that chapter done. This will, thankfully, be the first week of the semester that I don’t have additional commitments (on top of my regular work schedule) so I need to try to take advantage and vigorously defend my writing time. And to stay on track for the semester, I also need to commit one day to the archive.

  3. Sorry for being MIA.

    Last week: knocked out 24 conference reviews (Computer Science is a weird field: conferences == journals, roughly), crafted a rebuttal to the reviews of my own paper, and wrote an industry proposal. The latter got pushed to the end of the week so I went from blank screen to 10-page submission in 24 hours, and had to pull a legitimate all nighter to get it done. I was pleased with how it turned out… but when can I stop working like an undergrad?

    This week’s goals: finish camera-ready on BX paper and NetKAT tech report, write a journal review, make some time to hack, drink beer, and race bikes.

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