Week 12 Wrap Up: That’s All We Wrote

That’s it–the end of Summer Writes 2013! Let us know in the comments how you did this week, and how you did vs. your goals for the summer. Even if you didn’t get done everything you meant to, take stock of the things that you achieved, and be proud of them. Maybe you resolved a critical question in your dissertation, maybe you found some killer sources, or maybe you taught an awesome class. And thank to all of you for being part of the writing group!

That being said, I’m happy to announce another writing group for the fall semester, tentatively named Fall Writes, unless someone comes up with a better name. Regardless, on September 1st we’ll start another twelve weeks of writing goals, so look for a post about that coming soon!

And as a bonus here’s Flavorwire’s list of The Writing Tools of 20 Famous Authors. I, for one, love my Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball and a yellow legal pad for writing long hand. If you have a favorite tool for “dead tree method” writing, leave that in the comments, too.

Pilot Precise V5, in classic blue, from penaddict.com.
Pilot Precise V5, in classic blue, from penaddict.com.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, y’all!


7 thoughts on “Week 12 Wrap Up: That’s All We Wrote

  1. Holy $#@! – 12 weeks flew by in a hurry (as always), and I did not manage to meet my goals. Instead, I took on a vanity project while reconnecting with some friends in Germany. The upside: more clarity on the dissertation, more pressure to finish, less inclination to think of academia as a viable career. Finally, a big thank you to Dan for organizing the group. It has been far more helpful than my lack of production indicates, and I would be thrilled to be a part of it in the fall. Good luck in France!

  2. I must echo Holger’s comments – I fell off along with my productivity, but am grateful for the weekly reminders Dan! and I think the next few months will be so busy that they will light a productivity fire in me. I finally called that archivist, and I’m spending next week at an archive, so I am considering next week the real endinging of summer. I hope France is a perfect retreat, Dan.

  3. I came darn close to reaching my goals, which makes me super pleased. I submitted Ch. 3 to my advisor and committee on Friday, so here’s hoping that they think it’s strong enough to keep moving forward. That was my biggest goal, and I’m very happy to have met it, but I did not get as much research done as I had hoped and I still have that pesky teaching philosophy to write. Oh yeah, and because I realized that my giant Ch. 3 was actually 2 chapters, I now need to finish Ch. 4 quickly to really meet my goal since I now have at least 6 total chapters, instead of 5. With that said, this is by far my most productive summer to date. I’m more confident in my dissertation and if I keep moving at this pace I think I might actually meet my goal of defending for a May 2014 graduation.

    To Dan and all of my other Summer Writes friends, the greatest gift is this feeling of accomplishment. I’ve ended every previous summer in graduate school feeling guilty that I could have done more. With the accountability of this group, I can now move into the Fall semester knowing that I worked all summer, with written posts to prove it!

    I like this feeling; count me in for Fall Writes!

  4. Oh yeah. And I still take all my notes on books, conferences, and meetings in a Moleskine with the Pilot G-2. Since, like Dan, I value clean handwriting, I can put all of my Moleskine notes into Evernote using my iPad and they, like any pdf, will be word searchable. Pretty sweet.

    I like the V5, but I have a problem with pens that have a detachable cap – I always lose the cap – so retractable tips are a must for me. I’ve tried other pens and often spend a lot of money at Blick trying out new styles, but I always come back to the G-2. 🙂

  5. I did pretty well with my #graftonline goals this week, making it to 1000 words more days than not. I didn’t get around to starting work on the conclusion or on the book proposal for my oral histories, but I did spiff up my job letter from last year considerably, and made a serious dent in one of my fellowship applications. So on the whole, it was a pretty productive week.

    Thanks again to all of you for being part of Summer Writes; I can’t wait to start again in a few weeks!

  6. Like Brenna, I am super stoked about the outcomes of Summer Writes! I did a heap of newspaper research at the beginning of the summer (always more to do, but whatevs) and had a great research trip to Chicago. I have spent been averaging a page a day for August on an intro chapter since I don’t have enough for Winston Moore quite yet. Hopefully I can finish it up in the coming week so I have something decent to revise and present to the CHAT workshop!
    Thanks for the motivation- I might have given up on my goal of writing *something* if it weren’t for feeling accountable to the group! So excited to feel like I am making progress on this dissertation! Exclamation points!!!

    I hardly use pens anymore, I just take notes in the Notes app. I do a lot of free writing there as well. This is mostly because Arnold steals all of my Pilot Precise Fine Point pens.

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