Summer Writes: Week 12–The Endinging

We are within spitting distance of the finish line here at Summer Writes! This week I ran across Liana Silva-Ford’s awesome Storify and accompanying blog post of advice about managing the end stages of the dissertation process. Even though we’re all at different stages of our projects, I think a lot of the advice people offered is useful for any stage of a major writing project:

– be diligent

– establish a routine

– cut out distractions

It’s easy to forget–no matter how many times we remind ourselves–that writing is work. Clio and Calliope can be cruel mistresses, indeed.

On to our goals for THE LAST WEEK OF SUMMER WRITES! Leave your goals for the week in the comments, as always.

Dan: Keep going with #graftonline of 1000 words a day, making progress on chapter four, start writing conclusion, and kick out draft of book proposal.

Brenna: Finish and submit chapter three.

Dylan: Start reading books for Journal of Urban History review essay; finish introduction of conference paper.

Melanie: Outline chapter draft.


5 thoughts on “Summer Writes: Week 12–The Endinging

  1. I just met my goal of writing my syllabus. I don’t know when I’ll have time to write before I go to WA and didn’t meet my outlining goal so… maybe I’ll try to squeeze in the outlining in the next two days. UNGH- can’t believe I crapped out on the last week! This summer has been exhausting!

  2. I second Melanie’s observation that this summer has been exhausting. Sorry I’ve faded in and out of the writing group, y’all. I’ve had some major unforeseen research-related distractions. All good stuff, though. Anyway, I’m cranking out a revise-and-resubmit, and hoping to complete it by Monday, write up responses to the reviewers on Tuesday, and send it out no later than Wednesday night. Good luck with the semester, everyone, and safe travels, Dan!

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