Week 11 Wrap Up

BOOM. That’s the sound of the end of week 11. We’re almost to the end! Let us know in the comments how you did this week, and what you’re going to do next week, before Summer Writes comes to a close!


2 thoughts on “Week 11 Wrap Up

  1. I did well enough with my time goals this week–I think there was one day in Ithaca that I didn’t crack six pomodoros of working on chapter four. I hit my #graftonline the first and third days of doing it (that is, Thursday and Saturday) but faltered on Friday because of wrapping up research and travel. I also ran into the problem on Saturday of starting work too late, which meant finishing at 2 AM, when I was tired and just trying to hit my quota for the day. So this week, I’m going to work on starting work early in the day–maybe knocking out some pomodoros right when I get up. I’m not going to set time goals for this week, but just try to stick to the #graftonline each day. I think this makes sense because I’m working to get a draft of this chapter done by a week from Friday, so I should be measuring progress in pages rather than pomodoros. My overall goals for the week are to make some significant progress on chapter four, start writing the conclusion, and crank out a draft book proposal for the oral history collection. That will more or less put me within striking distance of my goals for the summer.

  2. I met my research goals, but not my writing ones from last week. I also submitted that job application! eek! I continue to find great stuff in the archive for later chapters, which thankfully continues to confirm the direction I’m taking my current one, but I’m getting nervous with September quickly approaching! (I know I’m lucky to have my archive here in Philly, but this definitely speaks to the perils of having reasonably quick access to the archive, I never stop researching!!) This week I MUST finish chapter 3 and submit it to my advisor. Technically, I’ve got enough written for 2 chapters, so I’ve also sent it off to a friend for advice; depending on what I hear back, I may be sending chapters 3 and 4. I’m just going to keep writing as if it’s one though, and wait for advice. That’s my only major goal this week, since it really is a monster chapter, but if I have time I’d also like to get to the archive for at least one day this week. With this chapter nearly done and some job application documents written, I’m close to my goals for the summer, but the extra amount of time I had available to dedicate to writing makes me nervous about everything that I need to accomplish this fall (while working full time at the Writing Center). Thanks again to Dan for keeping us going this summer. It has definitely been my most productive one to date, ever.

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