Summer Writes: Week 8

Apologies to all for not getting a weekly post up sooner! I was traveling all day yesterday home from Seattle, where I officiated the wedding of two lovely friends on Sunday. I suspect we’ve also hit the doldrums-y part of the summer/writing session where fatigue has started to set in. So pour yourself a caffeinated beverage and tell us your goals for the week in the comments below. Happy writing!

Dan: Submit chapter that didn’t get submitted last week (oops). Twelve pomodoros Wednesday through Friday (since it’s already Tuesday), and eight on Saturday.

Holger: Submit chapter.

Megan: Draft two syllabi and corresponding course assignments, do an additional 4 pomodoros each day of writing/analysis.

Dylan: Work on Gastronomica piece, transcribe some recorded interviews.


7 thoughts on “Summer Writes: Week 8

  1. My goal is to finally go to Hagley. In other words, do what I’ve said I’m going to do for the last two weeks.

  2. Since I failed to achieve my last goal (submit by Friday), I have to double down and REALLY submit by Friday. I’m also going home for three weeks thereafter (with two of those weeks being planned as regular world weeks). In other words, the upcoming trip increases all sorts of pressure to get things done. As for the highly relevant question regarding audience, I would like to pretend that I am doing what Beth Bailey once told our colloquium, “write a book, not a dissertation.” Looking at my prose and footnotes, however, it seems like I am writing to preempt any and all criticism that anyone in our profession (and especially my committe) could possibly consider. Not a constructive strategy on my part, but I’m curious about alternatives…

  3. Apologies from me too. Or rather I need to apologize to myself, I guess. I got totally sidetracked last week, for reasons I can explain later if they actually come to fruition. In any case, I need to spend today through Saturday drafting two syllabi and corresponding course assignments, and I’d like to get in an additional 4 pomodoros in each day of writing/analysis.

  4. Glad to join the Summer Writes crew!

    I finished up my second book review of the summer last week. This one’s for the Pennsylvania Mag. of History & Biography; the other was a long review essay on a Philly-focused urban planning history for H-Urban Reviews.

    I’m also working (slowly) on a R&R for an article I wrote for Gastronomica, an interdisciplinary food studies journal. It’s tentatively titled “‘Food tells a story’: Consumer Narratives, Yelp, and the Rise of an Urban Creative Class.” But the reviewers want me to “quantify my results” and add more “theoretical frames.” Ugh–sociologists!

    Finally, trying to transcribe some recorded interviews for my chapter on the genetrification of South St./Queen Village. Too many fuzzy hippy memories. But it’s going. Hope to finish that this week.

  5. I had a moment when I was going to comment last week, and found myself completely giving in to frustration I felt about processing my research (very slow going) and not being able to do the writing I had hoped to this summer. I was going to give up on producing something (maybe it’s too soon to write?), but then decided it is more in the spirit of the group to have *something* written by the end of the summer. So I am spending the rest of the month doing intensive research for my first chapter, a chapter that sets the stage for CCJ’s status as world’s largest jail / steaming pile of crap by 1968. I am committing to write a page a day in August.
    Meanwhile, I am still writing four lectures each week. Goal is to keep doing that, work like a mad woman through newspapers, and spend a day processing research from my trip.
    also: Grafton! discuss!

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