Week 6 Wrap Up: Halfway Edition

Week six is going out with a bang, fireworks and all. How did you do with your goals for this week? Are you on track to meet your goals for the summer? What are you going to do in the coming week? Let us know in the comments!


7 thoughts on “Week 6 Wrap Up: Halfway Edition

  1. Since this is the halfway point, not all is lost. The last two weeks have been pretty productive (but not to the point of finishing my draft), so that the 4th of July holiday was both an unwelcome interruption and an opportunity to refocus. This chapter is giving me more trouble than I anticipated, but a submission by Friday is still possible. Time for a second-half rally.

  2. I didn’t quite meet my goals this week. I almost hit my time goals, but fell two pomodoros short. I also got all of the transcripts in order to mail off, but didn’t have an address for one that got returned, so I didn’t send it, or any of the others. I also didn’t get through the newspaper research that I wanted to do. I have a chapter draft revision due this Friday, so I’m not even going to pretend like I’m going to focus on anything but that. So my goals for this week are sixteen pomodoros Monday and Wednesday, and twelve Tuesday and Thursday, which doesn’t include time spent in class. Friday I’m flying to Seattle for a wedding, so I’m not setting a time goal for that day–just however much time I need to finish the draft.

  3. I didn’t work last week, instead enjoying a phone and internet-free vacation in Vermont. I needed to hit the reset button at midsummer- working on jails sometimes gets me down. Fortunately my class starts today. I am looking forward to stretching my brain in different ways. I am reevalauting my goals for the rest of the summer as I am not sure I have enough research to start writing the paper I’d like to write. For this week, I’d like to process 5 boxes and do some prewriting so I can get a sense of what I have to work with so far.

  4. The Hagley Library never returned my emails about access to certain parts of a collection, so I didn’t go to Wilmington last week. I’m going to call today, so I can spend at least one day there this week. I did get something done last week. I took notes on ten boxes of archival material and started writing syllabi for the fall. My goal this week is to finish drafts of my syllabi, spend one day at the Hagley, and take notes on another ten boxes of archival material. I also tried Dan’s pomodairo technique. I love it. On days I’m working on syllabi or archival material, I hope to do eight pomodairos.

  5. I did get some work done last week, including drafting that funding request, getting in touch with a law professor to recommend me, and getting the Cameroonian newspapers wrangled.

    This week I will finalize that funds request and submit it, and begin working on a paper due for this conference 9/9. I just saw the list of participants and I got pretty scared (http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~histecon/commerce/participants.html). I’m realizing I’ve got to get back into transcribing those Ghana interviews in order to write this paper, so I’ll do that although doing work without listening to music is sad/boring. I also need to go through the Cameroonian newspapers for my own research, which I think will occupy an afternoon. I still have not called that archivist.

    I am starting a four-week once-a-week painting class tonight, and hopefully I will have some homework to do as well. Andrew and I are going to visit my Bubba this week as well. She’s incredibly resilient and adaptable, but I still think losing my Pop-pop this spring has been tough on her. 64 years of marriage! There is also all this wedding stuff that is sliding onto my plate because gender and societal expectations but also because it makes me feel relatively competent and level-headed compared to trying to be a historian.

  6. I met most of my goals from last week but didn’t get as much reading done as I had planned. I’m thankfully feeling pretty organized, but I need to start producing more actual writing. This week I’m hoping will be a lot more productive and I’ve set a meeting with my advisor on Friday to keep me honest (and to hopefully boost my confidence for writing). My goals for this week are as follows: (1) Finish outline and begin drafting chapter 3, (2) continue to refresh on historiography of the Haitian and French Revolutions – necessary for a successful chapter 3, and (3) spend one full day in the archive.

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