Week 5 Wrap Up

Holy cow, I can’t believe we’re already to the end of week five! Hopefully you all had productive weeks, whether you were writing, teaching, working in archives, or doing some combination of all those things. Let us know your progress in the comments, and tell us your goals for the coming week!

BONUS PRODUCTIVITY TOOL: Coffitivity, a rather ingenious site that reproduces the sound of being in a crowded coffee shop, in case that’s the kind of thing that helps you focus.


5 thoughts on “Week 5 Wrap Up

  1. Happy to report that I hit all of my goals this week, working through a bunch of pomodoros, one batch of Balm in Gilead files, and starting in on revisions for chapter five. I also edited the transcript for one interview, which turned up some useful material for that chapter revision, and got some positive feedback from my advisor on chapter two, which I sent her just a week ago.

    My goal for the coming week is four pomodoros tomorrow (Sunday), eight Monday (although I’m flying), Tuesday, and Wednesday, Thursday off (yay Fourth of July!), and eight Friday and Saturday. I had some interview transcripts returned to me because of address issues, and one that got lost in the mail on the return trip, so I want to get new copies of those three out to my interviewees for them to edit, as well as the one I went through yesterday and one more that I will go through this week. All five interviews are necessary for me to have a solid draft of chapter five, which I need to have done two weeks from yesterday. I also am going to go through Ethnic News Watch and African American Historical Newspapers searches for “Pernessa Seele” and “Harlem Week of Prayer” to knock off some of the newspaper research for chapter four. With the rest of my time, I’m going to take care of course prep (only one class session this week!) and pull my draft of chapter five into Scrivener so I can chop it up and play with the structure.

  2. I have to write 1,000 words on the subject of my dissertation, “but not meta-commentary,” by the 4th. I need to set some specific goals for doing this but I just want to PUT IT OUT THERE first.

  3. I forgot how much I suck at writing lectures. I taught seminar courses at UMW, so I haven’t lectured in more than two years. In short, I didn’t write two lectures, but I’m almost done with the Reconstruction lecture. I did get through more than five boxes of material that I brought back from Michigan.
    Next week, I plan to go to the Hagley archives in Delaware to do some research. I also want to start the revising an article for the journal of policy history.

  4. I may have missed the boat on influencing the legislative process on the DV lottery – the Senate passed S. 744 which eliminates the bill, and god only knows what the House will do.

    I pulled an all-nighter to get that paper draft to ASLH, so in a couple days I’m hoping to revisit that, blush with embarrassment, and use it to draft a paper for a workshop I’m going to in September, as well as a funding request from ASLH due in two weeks. Actually getting a draft of that request will be the next thing I write this week.

    I would like to spend some time reading this week. And I must contact this archivist I promised to call a few weeks back. Now that I’ve let it slide, I feel worse and worse about picking up the phone, so I keep letting it slide further. This week!

    I also managed to pick up five boxes of Cameroonian newspapers in New York that may or may not be of use, so I am going to spend some time this week sorting through them, looking for useful materials, and being a good citizen by arranging for a future home for this stuff so that it might be made available to other scholars. I imagine this will become an onerous task and then a manageable one. I’m highly motivated to get this stuff out of my living room.

    I came to this unsettling conclusion that unless I am actively writing, I’m not doing much. I maybe need to be writing in order to make my “research” work for me. That said, writing is both the hardest thing, and the thing I like the best, so I’ll be wrestling with that for awhile.

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