Summer Writes: Week 5

Hey y’all! Welcome to week five! If you haven’t set your goals for the week yet, leave them in the comments below!

Matt: Write two lectures for the US Since 1877 survey and take notes on at least five more boxes of archival material.

Megan: Continue open-coding transcripts and writing summary digests and thematic memos, with a goal of eight pomodoros per day for Wednesday through Friday.

Melanie: Process five boxes of research from Chicago trip.

Carly: Digest some notes from DC last week; draft that ASLH paper; draft an op-ed on the DV lottery.

Brenna: Write book review, get in at least one full day at the archive this week picking up loose ends for chapter three.

Dan: Eight pomodoros Monday through Thursday, and four Friday and Saturday, also get through Balm in Gilead files.

Sarah: Use time wisely at the Truman Library.

Holger: Finish chapter rough draft and start book proposal.


3 thoughts on “Summer Writes: Week 5

  1. I am currently wrapping up a long Day 2 at the Truman Library. Found some good stuff, found some less useful stuff – mostly need to do a lot of processing when I get home (again). I go to the Eisenhower Library tomorrow morning, so my meta goal for the rest of the week is to use my time wisely. This means fewer superfluous Turboscans, more critical box/folder selection, and less Instagramming. Maybe not less Instagramming – I think it might ward off archival delirium.

  2. Finish rough draft of chapter (to be submitted before mini-vacation on July 4). Start book proposal (any recommendations for templates would be greatly appreciated).

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