Summer Writes: Week 4

Our fourth week is upon us, which means that we’re just about a quarter of the way through our summer writing adventure!

ProfHacker has another round up of posts on writing, with an emphasis on tools. Some of the authors really like writing with text editors, and I’ve been using one called Byword to do some of my non-dissertation writing, including my summer syllabus and assignment sheets.

Here’s everyone’s goals for the week:

Sarah: Continue to spend time with finding aids for the upcoming research trip, keep processing NARA biz, and clean office space.

Dan: Twelve pomodoros on Monday, eight on Tuesday, twelve on Wednesday. Edit chapter draft for style and copy during flight on Thursday, submit chapter Friday.

Carly: Look at records in DC, work through interview transcriptions at SHAFR. Work on draft of ASLH paper.

Holger: Finish primary source notes and go through at least two more secondary sources by Thursday. Gauge interest of university presses a SHAFR, and avoid crying otherwise.

Meg: Catch up on paid work a develop syllabi for fall. [And feel better soon!]

If you haven’t set a goal yet for the week, add yours to the comments. Happy working!


3 thoughts on “Summer Writes: Week 4

  1. Writing goals for this week will be somewhat reduced due to SHAFR, where I will try to gauge how interested university presses are in my topic. Before leaving for DC on Thursday, I expect to finish my primary source notes and go through at least two more secondary sources as scaffolding for my narrative. And since my entire dissertation committee is at SHAFR, I will spend some time practicing the sentence “I’m working on it” in front of a mirror without breaking down in tears.

  2. I am recovering from a horrific sinus infection. Catching up on work for pay and developing my syllabi for the fall are my goals this week; will return to writing next week. Sad face.

  3. I did not meet my goal of finishing the WJJ newspapers last week, justified by the fact that I actually cleaned my house before I left. My goal for this week was to be a research badass in Chicago. So far I have been the queen of turboscan, dropbox, and networking. Going to put in a hard day tomorrow before heading back to PHL.

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