Summer Writes: Week 2

Here are all of our writing goals for the coming week. If you haven’t added your goals to the wrap-up post from last week, add yours to the comments here! Godspeed with work this week, check back for articles about working and writing. I may also write a little bit each day about my experience at DHSI, so check back for that as well!

Melanie: Do newspaper research on some groups on which she’ll be doing archival work in Chicago, and start putting together a timeline from research notes. (Anybody know of a good timeline tool?)

Brenna: Finish complete drafts of encyclopedia article and book review and do some archival research to fill in holes in chapter two. (Congrats on getting the draft done!)

Dan: Eight pomodoros Monday and Tuesday, and four a day Wednesday through Saturday while at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute in British Columbia.

Sarah: Four days of research at NARA II in DC. (Ever tried using pomodoros in the archive?)

Megan: Open-code and write summary digests for three interviews, while taking online qualitative analysis seminar. (Good luck with presenting the diss; I like Focus Time as an iPhone pomodoro app.)

Matt: Finish organizing research from a recent trip to the archive.

Carly: Get organized, transcribe interviews, plan trip to Washington, assess progress from last semester and update committee.

Ale: Figure out a topic for her article by Sunday. (Anyone have good tips on brainstorming?)


7 thoughts on “Summer Writes: Week 2

  1. I have some goals for the summer and some goals for this week. My summer goals include drafting two conference papers, writing a fellowship application associated with one of the conferences, going on three research trips (to DC, to NY/NJ, and to Boston/CT), and to draft the Ghana section of my dissertation. I should do that soon while there’s still stuff in my head, even as I shift, research-wise, into more US-based topics. My other macro goals are to move, and to plan my wedding. (And to enjoy American life.)

    My goals for this week are: get organized (send people stuff I promised them; organize my notes; update spreadsheets; update CV), transcribe some interviews (now that I have climate control), plan my trip to Washington (I have some folks to email, but also some Congressional hearings to read over before I do), and finally to try to assess what I did this spring and update my committee who are probably wondering if I got lost between Ghana and here.

    • Glad that you got some interviewing done in Ghana! I heard your IRB process was a little rough, but those could really take your dissertation to the next level.

  2. Hi, all.
    I’m Ale, and I’m a lawyer who wants to start writing academic and policy articles on the law, a la her hero, Elizabeth Warren, who really made a name for herself despite not going to Harvard Law (she just taught there, and did it very well). As usual, I’m late to the party, so in the compressed schedule I would like to have a working draft of an article by the end of the summer; to that end, this week I am thinking about potential topics to research and hope to have a topic in mind by Sunday evening, then spend next week starting research and caselaw on the topic. My areas of interest tend toward corporate litigation and white collar issues; I’m also interested in the line of cases establishing corporations as people, and the rights and issues that spring from that line of reasoning. All your projects sound fantastic, and I feel a little intimidated. My two goals for the summer are to (1) come into an area of study within the law that I can really dig into and make a difference, and (2) do this while writing in a way that is compelling (something that sadly the majority of law review articles do not do). Thanks to Dan for inviting me.

    • Welcome, Ale! I wrote a little bit about using the Pomodoro Technique here. It’s just a way to keep yourself on task and track progress, and I’ve found it to be pretty useful in setting and meeting my work goals.

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