Summer Writes: The Beginning

Hopefully your writing makes more sense than this video.*

Summer Writes is under way! I brilliantly scheduled our writing group so that the first day would coincide with a national holiday. So if you decided to blow off your daily writing goal for beer and barbecue or quiet reflection about the meaning of Memorial Day, don’t feel too bad about it. Just make sure that you’re on your daily goals for the rest of the week! Speaking of which, here’s a quick summary of what we all resolved to accomplish this week:

Dan: Four pomodoros of chapter revisions, two of outlining the unwritten chapter, and two of course planning, sticking to the prescribed break periods so that they don’t drag on and eat up tons of time. Goal for the week is to have chapter one revised by Friday the 31st.

Brenna: Chapter two done and submitted to adviser by Friday the 31st. [How was the writing retreat?]

Ryan: Write two pages this week. (You can also read about his progress here.)

Carly: Clarify her goals for the summer, since she’s a little dazed from traveling.

Matt: Spend the plane ride to Maui organizing research.

Megan: Map out a daily writing schedule [share it with us when you do!], draft detailed chapter outlines, and get reacquainted with qualitative analysis software.

Holger: Summer goal is to complete two chapters and draft a third. [Don’t forget to post weekly goals!]

Melanie: Conduct newspaper research to prepare for an archives trip in late June.

Sarah: Eight pomodoros of work each weekday planning out her work for the rest of the summer, and getting ready for a big trip to NARA next week.

I’ll put up a post on Friday so that you can use the comments to tell us about your progress and set new goals for the following week. In the meantime, feel free to tell the group about issues you’re having in the comments here. And if you’re lurking around, thinking about joining us, or know someone who might want to take part, encourage them to do so!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

*Seriously, do they die in the car accident and go to drag heaven? Then why is there still a trial? Why is Gloria Allred there?


2 thoughts on “Summer Writes: The Beginning

  1. I think they had the trial before they got in a fiery auto accident? Flashbacks to what they escaped?

    Pretty sure Drag Heaven includes Jinkx Monsoon doing her Little Edie impression 24/7.

  2. * Re: RuPaul Video – “No Comment”

    I spent the holiday enjoying the weather at Rittenhouse with the doggie and stuffing my face with Shake Shack… so no writing update from me. oops.

    Re: writing… The first week of the Writing Retreat was great! I finished a relatively complete draft of my second chapter. I’ll be spending this week filling in a few small holes and will definitely stick to sending the draft off to my advisor by Friday (at the latest). My other small goal for this week is to finish writing a short encyclopedia essay. Fortunately, but unfortunately for small writing goals, I’m finally at a point where I enjoy writing the dissertation so getting other short pieces written has been difficult. The Writing Center also opens full time this week so hopefully we stay slow enough that not too many students come in.

    Thanks, Dan!!

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