Week 9 Recap

Photo courtesy of Socialite Life, which has a full slideshow here.

Diving: the most meme-worthy of Olympic events.

How did you fare over the past week? Were you so productive that you aroused suspicions of doping? Did your good-but-not-good-enough performance capture the sympathy of an entire nation? Did you totally choke when it mattered and get touched out by the French? Did you complain endlessly on Facebook about NBC’s crappy Olympics coverage? Did you ignore the Olympics completely and actually get down to working?

More to the point: with three weeks left, are you on track to meet your goals for the summer? If you are, how are you going to stay on track over the next week? If not, what can you do to get back on track?

Have a great weekend, and may your writing be more coherent than Ryan Lochte:


4 thoughts on “Week 9 Recap

  1. Last week was kind of a bust for me, to be honest. I submitted a second draft on my introduction to my adviser and did actually start on my web project (http://afamaidshistory.omeka.net/; it’s very much a work in progress as I figure out just what I can do with Omeka) but other than that did not get much writing or transcribing done. I leave San Francisco in a little more than a week, so I’m getting anxious about that, as well as what that means for my productivity in the coming weeks. I’m travelling to Tacoma/Seattle and Los Angeles/San Diego before departing for Philadelphia a wedding and then finally arriving FOR REAL in Columbus, so carving out time to write is going to be a challenge. But since I’m presenting this chapter as a paper at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies’ conference on Harry Hay (http://web.gc.cuny.edu/CLAGS/pages/conferences/hay.php) it needs to get done. So I’m shifting my efforts for the next three weeks from processing my research with an eye to writing to the actual writing itself. I’m not going to set strict time goals for myself other than just writing every day, because I’m finding Pomodoro to be stifling these days. Just three weeks left–terrifying!

  2. Hey Dan sorry I’m so late posting – it was another crazy week here. Probably just a few days till I need to post again so I’ll keep this short. I fear I’ve hit panic mode a bit after realizing that it’s already mid-August and that September is creeping up on us! I’ve been putting in crazy long hours, and my plan this week is pretty much to continue in the same way. The work is going well, but time is short… I’m keeping a stiff upper lip though, trying to really pack a lot of productivity in these last few weeks of August.

    I hope all your travelling goes well – the website looks really neat by the way! Here’s to the Olympics being over and one less distraction…

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