Week 7 Recap

Week seven has come and gone–hopefully it was a lucky one for all of you in terms of gaining insight about your project, running across an awesome source, or just finding the time to write. So let us now how your week seven went in the comments, and what you want to get done in week eight. How about we also each share a tool we’ve found useful for getting work done. It can be a strategy (like writing right when you wake up), a piece of software (like Scrivener), or something else that you’ve found really works for you. Maybe it’ll work for someone else, too! Maybe someone else’s productivity secret can revolutionize your workflow! YOU NEVER KNOW. Okay, have a great weekend, folks.


One thought on “Week 7 Recap

  1. So I’ll cop to this right now: there was not a day this week that I met my time goals for writing, oral history work, or web stuff. That’s not to say I wasn’t productive: I made some good headway on revising my introduction and finalized a transcript to send to an interviewee, and I felt good about both of those things. Some of the material that I’m cutting from the first intro draft will be usable for the chapter/conference paper I’m trying to get started. Nevertheless, I could have been more effective this week. So for the next week my goals are similar: three hours of writing (or processing research, because I’m doing a lot of that as well) a day, and devoting the rest of the time that I have to getting the web part of my project online. I don’t want to say too much that’s specific about it before I have something to show, so hopefully my comments next week will include a live hyperlink. For the coming week, I’m also going to try writing for a pomodoro as soon as I get up, because I’ve fallen into the bad habit of frittering away the morning, and maybe if I get started earlier, I’ll get more done. I’m also still working on keeping my breaks short, although I did get better about that toward the end of this week.

    The tool that I’m sharing with y’all is one that I’ve written about here before (http://wp.me/pwKkc-9W) because it seriously works really well for me, distended breaks aside. I close my e-mail, Facebook, and Reader tabs (which are always open–don’t judge) and focus on writing. If you have trouble un-plugging from social stuff, give it a shot.

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