Week 4 Recap

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a productive week. Sorry for the late recap post, but I spent all of yesterday driving my earthly possessions from Philadelphia to Columbus. Parts of it (encountering a major storm system, leaving my credit card in WV, waiting an hour in line for gas) were mildly disastrous. But now all my stuff is in a storage unit, I fly out I California tomorrow, and I’m drinking a very strong beer at a bar in Short North. I also realize that I forgot to post my weekly goals last week, but they were just to not lose my mind this week while moving and wrapping up research, and I’m almost certain that I still have my sanity. So you know the drill: let us know how you did this past week, and what your goals are for the one to come. Other than that, have a great weekend and a great Fourth of July! (except you, Tim)






4 thoughts on “Week 4 Recap

  1. Hope you’re settling in well, Dan, despite the minor disasters!

    This past week for me was equal parts sleeping and working for me, but those work hours ended up being pretty productive ones. I sent in my copy-edits and dealt with the publisher stuff, got through several books that have been piling up, conducted one interview and scheduled three more, and began outlining the final chapter – in addition to finishing up fall syllabi and book orders and dealing with some other teaching-related stuff.

    Next week, I’ve got a couple more books I’m waiting on, and then I’d like to start actually writing the first few sections of the chapter. My hope is to have at least a skeleton of it done by the end of next weekend. I also need to start prepping for the Reacting to the Past conference – I’d forgotten about the legwork I need to do as a participant, in addition to getting ready to present.

    Summer’s flying by!

  2. So I’m finally in San Francisco, my home for the next month and a half, and ready to get back on the writing track. I didn’t lose my mind this past week, which, yay, but I also didn’t get any writing done. I did a day’s worth of research in New York and a little bit of transcription on the plane today, but I need to get back in the habit of generating new content. So Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (Wednesday is the Fourth!) I’m going to write for at least two hours. I’m also going to spend an hour each of those days on transcribing the oral histories that I have in the can.

  3. Hey can’t I have a great fourth too? It’s all about the first up here of course, and I spent it mostly at my desk trying to maximize what I got done over a distraction-free week/long weekend. The results were positive I think but hard to quantify – I think I got a pretty huge chunk of work done, but it’s in pieces of 1-2 paragraphs waiting to be pasted together and smoothed out. I feel good about the work though, pretty sure I can bring this chapter together within another 2-3 weeks. That’s good, but it’s also scary that it’s July already, yikes!

    Back to work . . .

    • Oh yeah – goal for the week is to smooth out what I produced last week and start working on the concluding sections of this chapter. Dan, congrats on your move, must be exciting!

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