Summer Writes: Week 2 Results

Hi everybody! Welcome to the end of week two. Hopefully you don’t feel like this:

I miss Community SO MUCH already. Photo credit: the excellent #whatshouldwecallgradschool.

I’m posting this oh, about 13 hours late and at 1:30 in the morning, which actually captures what my writing process has been like in the past week. Hopefully yours has been going better! Did you meet your goals for the week? Surpass them? Run into any unexpected trouble? Let us know in the comments!

Meanwhile, here are some writing links that I meant to put up earlier in the week:

Transcribing with Scrivener: This really is only going to be useful for those of us doing oral histories or some kind of interview, but Scrivener has been a godsend for me. Incidentally, it also makes a really excellent writing and source management platform.

Finding Joy in Writing: An engineering grad student shares some advice for all disciplines at GradHacker. Or just take my adviser’s advice and be “fierce.”


9 thoughts on “Summer Writes: Week 2 Results

  1. Alright, so I revised my rationale chapter today and my goal for tomorrow (Saturday) is to bang out my methods chapter (or at least a very rough draft of it) so that I can get a full dissertation proposal to my advisor before I leave for Honduras on Sunday. I also have 8 more papers (3-4 pages each) to grade before I leave. I can do this, right? RIGHT! I will not be doing anything school-work related while I am gone. Hopefully I can pick up the pieces when I get back…

  2. I was pretty good about hitting my daily writing goals this week, except for Monday, when I conked out after a single pomodoro. That brings me to my major stumbling block this week: almost every day, I waited until relatively late at night to begin writing. It’s not that I was screwing around all day–I had oral histories to conduct and errands to run. I also only managed to get one transcript sent out and did absolutely no transcribing done. Zero. Zilch. So for the coming week I’m going to try to be more realistic with my goals. I know I’m going to New York on Friday and Saturday, so I’m only going to plan to write Monday through Thursday. It’s too much hassle to find a quiet place to write after a full day of research, by which point I’m already kind of wiped anyway. But since I’ll be on the bus, I know I’ll have some time to kill by transcribing. So my goals for this week are to spend three pomodoros writing each day, Monday through Thursday, and to get this one interview fully transcribed by Saturday night. I also want to get transcripts #2 and #3 in the mail before I leave Friday morning. Writing just an hour and a half each day, I’ve been making really good progress with my introduction draft, and I think it’ll be ready to send to my adviser soon. So, progress!

  3. I put in good hours in the archives last week, but I didn’t send the article out. This week, my goal is to read over the article a few more times and send it out, and I need to put in 30 to 40 hours in the archive.

  4. Not too bad last week. I’m not sure if I made my desired hourly quota or not, but I managed about 3,500 words worth of a (very) rough draft of my next chapter and started writing that book review. If I can manage as much this week, I’ll be thrilled! So far this month, I’ve learned that trying to buy a house can be an awful distraction.

    Thanks for the writing links, Dan. It’s nice to get some advice (and occasionally humor) but I’m terrible at actually seeking that stuff out on my own.

  5. HI All,

    My week went ok, but not stellar – I completed the chapter segment I was working on but it’s not really reading all that well to me. I’ve resolved, however, to press on and deal with the next section of the chapter before fiddling any more with this one – hopefully when I come back to it with fresh eyes it will either read better or I’ll be better able to see how to fix it up a bit. So my goal for this week is just to move on and complete the next chapter segment, and hopefully to be happier with the results at the end of the week.

    I just discovered scrivener a couple months ago myself, it’s pretty cool but I find I use it way more as a tool for outlining than for actually writing in – I rely too much on Word’s Zotero plugin to give up that functionality by writing within a different program. I feel your pain on the transcribing though dan, that is really really tedious work (most of my MA thesis was based on oral histories).

    Hope you all have a good week!

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