Summer Writes: Week 1 Results

Retro Prometheus fan poster by Matt Ferguson, courtesy of The Geeky Nerfherder.

Some good writing wisdom, and the tagline for Prometheus, which I’ll be seeing this weekend.

How was everyone’s first week? Did you meet your writing goals? Did you run into some unexpected difficulty? Accomplish much more than you thought you would? Check in on the comments below, and don’t forget to set goals for next week!

And since it’s Friday, here’s some writing levity courtesy of McSweeney’s.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Summer Writes: Week 1 Results

  1. My writing goals for this week were to finish transcribing one oral history, complete another, and write for at least and hour and fifteen minutes (or three pomodoros) each weekday, and well–two out of three ain’t bad. I finished the one transcript early in the week, but started on the other one too late to get it done today. I could motor and finish it tomorrow, but I’m sitting on Bolt Bus coming back from two days of archival research in New York, so I could really use a day off. I did, however, hit my daily writing goal, and ended up cranking out a significant chunk of my introduction draft, so I feel pretty good about that. It’s all very, very rough, but they say that there are no good writers, only good rewriters.

    My goals for the coming week are to finish that transcript that I was going to finish this past week, and do the final edits for the three that I already have done and get them in the mail. I’m going to stick with my three pomodoros/weekday goal, with the idea that I’ll bump that up later in the summer, after the big move away from Philadelphia.

    • Last week, I hoped to visit the Philly Gay News archives, line up a couple oral history interviews, write a blog on Loving v Virginia, and prep for the Reacting to the Past summer institute. The results? So-so. I did end up in the PGN archives (with Dan, in fact!), but it was a pretty fruitless search, other than promises from the archivist to send related material to me over email. I did end up reading a book of oral histories on the topic, so that was something. As for interviews, two are set up, one more to go, the blog post will go up tomorrow morning (here, if you’d like to check it out –, and Reacting camp has been fantastic. On Thursday, I gave a speech imploring my fellow Kentuckians to preserve our Slave Welfare State, and yesterday, as the Queen of Bohemia, I hosted a salon and invited Mrs. Margaret Sanger to educate my Greenwich friends on birth control and sexual fulfillment. A rousing success.

      So, I guess I got a fair bit done, but it didn’t feel like a particularly productive week.

      For this upcoming week, I’ve got another blog post to get up (Lawrence v. Texas), and I’d like to spend some time reading through more secondary lit. on both the 1980s and the drug war, and oral history and memory (suggestions welcome!). I’m contemplating a day or two at the urban archives as well, and I’ve got one interview set up for Tuesday afternoon. I’d like to start writing, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet.

  2. Hi everyone! Sounds like y’all are making some progress. I got my conference paper done (which, unfortunately, meant cutting a lot, of course) and delivered. This week I’m taking a couple days off to go to the beach, and then on Wednesday I fly to Denver for a summer of research. So my goals this week are to read some articles in my secondary lit backlog and finish prioritizing my stack of Archival Stuff To Look At so that I can have some idea what to do when I get there. I’d also like to go back through the conference paper and re-insert stuff that got taken out for length as well as identify where I need to do more research in order to flesh it out into a full chapter.

    Have a good week!


  3. Last week I was supposed to finish reviewing some stuff transcribed at the archive and finish reading and taking notes on a book I’m reviewing. I’m pleased to have achieved those modest goals.

    This week there will be writing! We’ll try for at least two hours a day focused on diss. writing. I’ll also be outlining that review (maybe begin writing there as well, but that would just be gravy).

  4. Hi All,

    My goal for the past week was to fix up one chapter draft and get a few pages out on the next one – I finished up the revising OK, but I got very little done on the following chapter so that’s my goal for this week. It has about 6 major subsections, I’m hoping to get at least one of those fully drafted this week.

    I’m frankly jealous that some of you have such interesting things (being in NYC, moving, cool conferences) going on to provide a bit of diversion and distraction – if I’m going to get distracted this week I’ll only have the Euro Cup and myself to blame. Maybe I should give your pomodoros a chance Dan, I’ve realized lately that I have a tendency to sit and keep working for far too long without a break, and that it’s actually a pretty counter-productive habit.

    Dunno about Philly but it’s f-ing hot here in Toronto, I hope you all have a nice air-conditioned place to write!

  5. Hi everyone. My goal for last week was to revise and write a new intro for an article I’m working on. I completed that modest goal and sent the article off to someone who will give it a closer read. My goals for the next week are a bit more ambitious. I need to spend four full days in the archive. I should also get comments back on the article later this week, so I hope to revise and hopefully send the article to a journal by Sunday. After seven straight days of scoring the AP US history exam, I hope I can focus and regain the brain cells I lost.

  6. Hello all,
    I didn’t set a weekly goal last week, but I managed to edit some proofs on an article that is going to press soon (yay!). This week, my goals are to (1) work on revising rationale chapter for my dissertation proposal, and (2) to write a complete first draft of my methods section. I am leaving for Honduras for one week on Sunday, so this has to get to my advisor before I leave if I want my timeline for after I get back to make sense!

  7. Hey guys! My goal this week is to find and read more secondary sources on family life in the U.S. since colonial era. I also want to look into the rise of female domestics in 19th century households. I’m interested to see if this plays any role in my narrative. I’m wondering if there was cautionary literature about female domestics that emphasized their relationship to the children of the house. If you fast forward to Post-WWII, it’s possible that the decline of domestics and the rise of daycare centers induced some anxiety about raising children outside the family home. So anxiety about daycare centers isn’t then just about the absence of the now-working mother. Ok, I just babbled hardcore. This is Sarah, by the way 🙂

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