Mid-Week Writing Links

The original caption for this image was “1910s Swimwear–Vintage Beefcake.”

Check out The Historical Society’s “Round Up on Writing,” including an interview with Helen Sword on what goes into stylish versus super-obtuse academic writing. And just for funsies, here’s a direct link to her The Writer’s Diet browser app, which lets you paste a section of text to be rated as “fit” or “flabby,” and also will probably make you feel bad about yourself. Not recommended for first drafts of anything–I put in a section of my introduction to find that although my verb usage is “lean,” my nouns are pushing into “heart attack territory,” and I have a lot of “prepositional podge” to lose for swimsuit season–I’m trying to fit into my wool jumper two-piece from last year.


One thought on “Mid-Week Writing Links

  1. Great tools! I was too scared to put in a piece of my dissertation draft for the “writer’s diet” so I put in part of a side project I’m working on, and was pleasantly surprised – it told me it was “fit and trim” but that my use of prepositions “needs toning.” I’m not quite convinced that an anonymous web form can give feedback that’s all that useful but still, confidence boost!

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