Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to use this blog more as a professional mouthpiece as I prepare to go on the job market in the fall, and less as a dumping ground for music videos and mastermixes that I love. With that in mind, from here on out I’m using my Tumblr to post media and other brief content, saving this space for longer pieces that relate more directly to my research and teaching interests.

Speaking of changes, at the end of June I’ll be leaving Philadelphia. I made the decision last August that no matter what happened in terms of funding, I would move away at the end of my current lease as I embarked on my final year of writing. For January, February, March, and the beginning of April, it looked like I would be taking out loans to move back to San Francisco, a prospect with which I was pretty comfortable–it was always the most likely option anyway. I obsessively checked my e-mail during the week, always conscious that a new message in my inbox could bring word that I had been awarded a fellowship. So I was pretty shocked when I got an e-mail from the Center for Historical Research at the (can’t forget the definite article) Ohio State University offering me a dissertation fellowship for 2012–13. I screamed, jumped three feet back in my chair, and sprinted up the stairs to shout the good news to my roommate, who obliged me by jumping up and down and screaming right along with me. So starting in August I’ll be living in Columbus while I bop around the job and postdoc market, and finish writing the dissertation. In the meantime, I’m going to spend the second half of the summer in San Francisco, writing, hanging out, and spending time with some of my favorite people. I’m really, really excited.


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