Coming back from Callay.

Such an attractive bunch.

I was in the SF Bay area for the past two weeks, attending the Regional Oral History Office’s week-long summer institute on the theory and practice of oral history.  I got some great practical tips, a more solid theoretical grounding for the oral history portion of my dissertation (which still remains theoretical, as in, unrealized), and I met some great folks from around the country and the world with varying levels of experience with oral history method.

One of those fine folks was Sally Ninham, author of the new book Cohort of Pioneers, about the first generation of Australian scholars to take the post-graduate education in the United States, and what that meant for Australian culture thereafter.  It’s sadly not available in the U.S., although she was nice enough to give many of the other participants a copy at the end of the institute.  Anyway, she also has a blog, mum loses licence, which I’m adding to my blogroll.  Check her out–she has a really wonderful sense of humor, and she rowed for the Australian lightweight women’s team!


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