Fuel for morning lecture.

I'm more afraid of forgetting my lecture notes than of a Communist takeover.

This summer I’m teaching my very first in-the-flesh course from my own syllabus, and it.  Is.  Terrifying.  Perhaps it’s appropriate, then, that I’m teaching a class on Cold War culture, since so far we’ve mostly been talking about anxiety in postwar America.  My class is at 9 AM, which means I’m getting up way earlier than usual, Monday through Thursday, which is just a tad grueling.  It doesn’t help that I got back from California* late Sunday night/early Monday morning, which made me both jet-lagged and sleep-deprived during our first meeting.

In this spirit of grogginess, I wanted to repost my friend and former coworker Janina’s jawn about cold-brewed coffee.  For the past two years I’ve been using a method I originally saw on Amateur Gourmet, which is delicious but also fussy.  I had never thought to use a French press–it makes so much sense!  I tried it last night/this morning, toting my brew to school in my gigantic Stanley thermos, which keeps the ice from melting and making my coffee watery.

*Congratulations, Jackie and Steven!


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