Requiem for a Recipe Column

I love Sundays.  Wow, what a sentiment, right?  That’s up there with “puppies are adorable” and “breathing is important” on the scale of uncontroversial statements.  But really, I do.  I like sleeping in and waking up without an alarm, going for a long run (I’m deep into marathon training right now) and sitting down with a big bowl of cereal and some coffee to cruise around the internet for a solid five hours.  A big chunk of that time gets eaten up by the Sunday Times, especially the Magazine section.  I especially love Amanda Hesser’s “Recipe Redux” column, in which she digs up a recipe from the Times archives and gives it to a professional chef for a modern makeover.  So when I went over there to find that today’s column is the last, I promptly experienced all five stages of grief from the Kübler-Ross model:

“That’s impossible!”

“[expletive redacted]!”

“Oh foodie gods, please bring Recipe Redux back.”


“At least we have her cookbook.”

So yeah, about that last one, apparently the column was something of a spin-off from the research for her recently published book, The Essential New York Times Cookbook.  We recently acquired a copy from Melanie’s brother, and it’s really a wonderful tome.  Nevertheless, I’m really sad to say goodbye to the column, which has given me some great recipes over the past couple of years.  Without a doubt, the spiced apple soufflé crêpe from 2007.  I’ve made it several times, and it’s one of those consistent dinner party pleasers that everyone should have in their arsenal.

Bon voyage, and bon appétit.


One thought on “Requiem for a Recipe Column

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