Real quickly while I have a few minutes (this week is crazy and it’s only just begun), here‘s a recap by Anna North at Jezebel of yet another Wall Street Journal piece on why America is going to pieces because there just aren’t any good men anymore.  As North points out, and as I’ve argued (or at least implied) here and here, the “decline of man” narrative in contemporary media isn’t just bad because it promotes negative stereotypes about the modern American male.  This refrain is also problematic because it trades in ideas about gender crisis that are, at bottom, anti-feminist and homophobic.  We are meant to be alarmed because they implicitly conflate maleness and nationhood, so that our supposed slipping grasp on maleness can be read as both symptom and cause of the post-boom American failure syndrome, but in the end it’s everyone but the white, middle-class American male who gets scapegoated.

And now, apropos of nothing at all, Thom Yorke dancing to “All the Single Ladies”:


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