My favorite things.

The following video brings together some of my favorite things, namely Simian Mobile Disco, early 90s Madonna realness, and lesbians.

Yeah, so it’s a little bit camptastic in vein of a film production/GLBT studies double major senior project, but I.  Love.  It.  And Beth Ditto’s putting out an EP with Simian Mobile Disco?  Between that and there being less than two days until the release of new Radiohead, I’m so happy I could burst.  Oh yeah, and more temperatures in the 60s here tomorrow.  That’s it.  I’m done.

Thanks to hot bish Maria E. Allain Corzo for giving me an excuse to show off the fact that I finally (after a year and half) figured out that I can put YouTube videos DIRECTLY IN MY POSTS.

UPDATE: Embedding disabled by request; you still have to watch it on YouTube. Whatever.  Don’t rain on my parade.

UPDATE x 2: YouTube took the video down!  You can still watch it here, on the Gossip’s official site.


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