In “Traumgedanken,” art student Maria Fischer uses different colors of thread to represent the connective themes in a book comprising different approaches to the study and interpretation of dreams.  The resulting tome is a meta-text whose hypertextual elements (those would be the threads) represent the non-linear and often impenetrable nature of dreaming itself.  It’s also gorgeous to look at:

Looks like my Windows 3.1 screensaver circa 1995.

Tangentially, this reminds me of a readings seminar I took at Berkeley with Maria Mavroudi, based on her dissertation research.  She was able to trace intellectual genealogies in dream interpretation from ancient Greece to the Arab world and back to the Byzantine empire because of her fluency in both Greek and Arabic.  They don’t give out the MacArthur “Genius Award” for nothing.  Anyway, this would have made for a much cooler final project than the paper I wrote on one of Bismarck’s dreams in about twelve hours after I had already walked in the department’s commencement ceremony.  It was the last paper I wrote as an undergrad–sue me.

It’s been a horrendously long time since I posted anything here, but not for lack of false starts.  In any case, sharing something that I thought was beautiful or fascinating is a lot easier than news analysis or criticism, so I’ll think of this as me easing back into it.  In the meantime, here are links to some newish blogs from my friends:

MOB Cycles Africa: Pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  Megan O’Brien continues to be “unemployed and moderately homeless,” and we continue to love her.

Fat for Winter: Ruby writes about her adventures in cooking and eating, which are legion and delicious.  Also, her post on her grandparents had me practically rolling on the floor.  Sometimes I get mentioned here in passing, as our gastronomies often intersect.

Megan, Ruby–get ready.  My grandma is about to blow up your comments section.


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