And now for something I actually like.

Since I want this blog to be more than a clearinghouse for things in the cultural ether that I find supremely irritating and/or downright offensive, I present you with something I actually like:

Prickly like my disposition.

Okay, it’s not the prickly pear tree, although as a digression, how cool is that?!  In island environments some plants (like the prickly pear cactus) take the shape of trees.  Moreover, the earliest trees were club mosses and giant horsetails, the trunks of which took much different forms from the pines and bamboos we know, love, and clear-cut today.  These are just a few of the fascinating facts in Olivia Judson’s latest entry on the Opinionator blog at the New York Times website.

Things I have learned from Olivia Judson:

1. Trees are awesome.

2. How to make sex eyes to the camera.


Can we get this woman a guest judging spot on ANTM?  Please?


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