Memorial Day Brunch: Salade Gribichesque

Lately (as in, for the past two months) I’ve been kind of obsessed with this recipe for potatoes gribiche.  The dressing consists of shallots, oil, vinegar, capers, cornichons, hard-cooked eggs, paprika, salt, pepper and herbs, most of which I keep on hand, and you can make a big batch and eat it throughout the week or, in my case, for a day and a half.  What can I say?  I eat like a farm hand.

In any case, thanks to Luisa and The Wednesday Chef, I have added sauce gribiche to my culinary repertoire.  So for brunch yesterday I decided, partly out of inspiration and partly out of necessity, to play with the form a little.  I was cooking at a friend’s house, and I brought over some potatoes that I had on hand, but I didn’t have much of a solid plan.  I just figured that potatoes are always welcome at breakfast, and that I would improvise something.  My friend had a carton of eggs and some spring mix from Greensgrow, so I decided to do kind of a warm potato salad over greens with poached egg on top.  Digging around in the kitchen I turned up a head of garlic, a small white onion, a jar of capers, some kosher dills, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.  I parboiled and roasted the potatoes à la Luisa’s recipe, and set at making the dressing, by which I mean that after some chopping I haphazardly combined all of the above ingredients in glass measuring cup and gave it a good stir.  Once the potatoes were done I poached two eggs for each of us and assembled the whole thing on plates.  This was the result, after cutting into the yolks:

Yolky goodness.
Yolky goodness.

Looks good, right?  It tasted fine, but for some reason it just didn’t blow me away.  Maybe it was for want of shallots or because I put the egg on top instead of in the dressing, but I just wasn’t that excited.  But I’m not one to sit and cry–I’m a survivor, dammit! (cue Destiny’s Child)  So give gribiche a chance–in addition to potatoes, it goes well with meat, fish, and probably a bunch of other things.  I mean, it’s basically oil and salt–how could it be bad?

And now, a very special cooking-themed Italian Idiom of the Day!

Che cosa bollire in pentola?What’s cooking? (literally, what’s boiling in your pot?)

Hm, that sounds a little suggestive, so go ahead and use it as a pick-up line as well.


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