Hi, my name is Dan Royles. I’m a Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, and formerly a dissertation fellow at The Ohio State University’s Center for Historical Research. In 2013 I defended my dissertation, titled “Don’t We Die Too?: the Political Culture of African American AIDS Activism,” in the Department of History at Temple University. My work examines grassroots responses to the disproportionate impact of HIV and AIDS on black communities, and brings together my interests in histories of African American life and culture, public health, sexuality, social movements, and the human body. Looking at the claims that African American AIDS activists made on government institutions, private granting agencies, and AIDS service organizations, I locate their efforts to combat the deadly epidemic in the context of much longer histories of black health activism, and the way that African Americans have framed their fight for inclusion and equality in the United States in relation to other struggles throughout the African Diaspora and global south. As part of that research, I am conducting an oral history project among African American AIDS activists and building an online archive of materials relating to HIV and AIDS in African American communities. I also have tumblr on “analog humanities,” which explores the boundaries of the “digital” in the digital humanities. I host online writing groups on my personal blog throughout the year. In February 2013, I used Kickstarter to (successfully!) raise money for the African American AIDS Activism Oral History Project. Tenured Radical was kind enough to let me write about the experience on her blog. Finally, I contribute regularly to Vitae, the academic jobs web portal from Chronicle of Higher Ed, as well as NOTCHES: (Re)Marks on the History of Sexuality. I also serve as the Oral History Editor for OutHistory. You can find me on Academia.edu, or download a copy of my CV.


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